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Frequently Asked Questions

Savanna Oaks Middle School is a hub of learning for our diverse student community of more than 400 sixth, seventh and eighth graders.  

Savanna Oaks provides students with an excellent educational experience using the foundations of best practices for young adolescent learning. The National Middle School Association states that “young people undergo more rapid and profound personal changes during the years between 10 and 15 than at any other period of their lives.  Unlike the dramatic changes that parents watched in infancy, middle school students are first-hand witnesses to all the developmental changes they experience!”

Educational programs at Savanna Oaks Middle School provide experiences that foster academic learning and social/emotional growth for every scholar.  With skilled staff who demonstrate their knowledge of middle level learners on a daily basis, Savanna Oaks accepts the professional challenge of identifying and meeting the diverse needs of every student.

How is the school organized?